Sunday, March 27, 2005

Miss Direction

Shuffled things around on the disk a bit more; specifically, moved the MP3 files out of my home directory (to /MP3 to be precise). This illustrated a neat feature of the Mac filesystem—iTunes could still find all of the files, without having to re-import them. Presumably the Finder keeps track with some kind of redirection feature, although I can't see evidence of this at the Unix command prompt level.

I've also got my Palm handheld syncing to the Powerbook; just installing the software that came with the handheld worked OK, but to get it to sync with the MacOS iCal and AddressBook programs, I also needed to download iSync and the iSync Palm conduit

Next up for getting things installed is another installer package, this time the Fink 0.7.1 package management utilities plus a Mac GUI wrapper called FinkCommander 0.5.3 for them. Fink seems to install stuff under /sw. Once that was on board, the key packages I was after were the guile and clisp-maxima packages, so that I could get some old projects up and running again (hence the installation of clisp-maxima rather than clisp, although I did need to ln -s /sw/bin/clisp-maxima /sw/bin/clisp). With the package dependencies, I ended up with 31 packages installed via Fink, and I needed to add -I/sw/include to my makefiles.

I also got fed up of only having a terminal version of Emacs available, so I downloaded a Mac GUI version The main problem that I've had with this so far is that the emacsserver/emacsclient stuff isn't working.


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