Sunday, November 04, 2007

Filesharing fixed

Looking at the logs in the Console application, there seem to be a lot of errors of the form:

tdb(unnamed): tdb_open_ex: spinlocks no longer supported

If I get rid of /private/var/db/samba/secrets.tdb, then there are more errors complaining about different .tdb files in the /private/var/samba/ directory. So I tried getting rid of the whole /private/var/samba/ directory (after having saved off a copy, of course), and I can suddenly see the Mac from the Windows machine again.

Of course, this BFMI approach isn't really a solution to be recommended: I've got no idea what the files were there for and whether this has just made my Samba connections dreadfully insecure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your problem helped me fix my problem. I think I know what's going on now...

If from the finder you go to Go->Connect to server and "map" a drive to your Windows box AND you tell it to remember your credentials then the next time the Mac fires up it remembers and auto logs you in.

The problem is that that steps on port 445 which is what SMBD latches on to. I'll bet you'd also see NMBD fire up when you turn on Windows file sharing but SMBD can't bind to that port.

As soon as dismounted my share to my server and reboot... presto... it started working again. If I map to my server and store the credentials in KeyChain and then reboot... now Samba won't fire off.

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