Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Booklet printing

Now that I've got a laser printer, I wanted to print things as compactly as possible—in booklet form, double sided. The CocoaBooklet utility seems to do a splendid job of this. I've set the preferences to A4 paper, destination "Same as Original" with a "-booklet" suffix, options "Do not flip odd pages" and "Split the document into odd and even pages" armed.

Dragging a PDF file onto the application, this gives me an Even-booklet.pdf and an Odd-booklet.pdf file. If I then

  • Print the Even-booklet.pdf file in reverse order
  • Flip the printout for printing on the other side by just putting it into the manual feeder, preserving its orientation (face down, with the two tops of the printed pages on the right hand side)
  • Print the Odd-booklet.pdf file in forwards order
I get the booklet I'm after


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