Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Broken wireless

Hmm. I clicked OK on a bunch of Software Update features last night, and now things are screwy. In particular, the wireless stuff isn't working—I just get the swirly rainbow beachball cursor for anything on the right hand side of the top menu bar (including the clock, which has stuck). I think that one of the things I clicked on was a new Powerbook update, which is presumably the prime suspect.

[Edit: I've now rebooted for a third time, and this time things work. This time I got the dialog on booting that asks about migrating AirPort keychains; that hadn't appeared on the previous two attempts at rebooting. I'm not sure what was different this time round—possibly that I completely powered off the machine rather than restarting.

Also, I figured out how to find out what Software Update installed: just go to Preferences, Installed Updates while Software Update is running (or System Preferences, Software Update, Installed Updates). For a more direct approach, just look in /Library/Logs/Software Update.log]


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